Four identical robots will be build from existing supplies.

All robots will be modeled after the "DriveBott," having holonomic drive systems.
Modifications will be made to the original DriveBott design to add metal "bumpers" around each of the four omni-wheels.
All robots will have an aluminum "pusher shovel" attached to the front to allow the robots to push the blocks around.


Running matches will require the following staff
FCS operator

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Krazy Kubes

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Krazy Kubes is a game that the Lazybotts have created for people to play at FTC Demos, Presentations, and Fundraisers. We hope that we will set a spark for STEM in the people after they play this game.

Game Name - "Krazy Kubes"


Standard 12x12 FTC field with walls and foam tiles.
The 4 corners of the field will be sectioned off using colored duct tape to form a right triangle 2ft. x  2ft. x 2.8ft. These are the four "Scoring Zones." One scoring zone for each robot. 
In the exact center of the field, a 3ft. x 3ft square will be created using yellow duct tape. This will serve as the "Block Zone." Each match will start with 100 2"x2" yellow blocks in the block zone.

​Game Object

Four robots, identical in function but with different colored LEDs, will compete concurrently to move as many yellow block from the "Block Zone" to their "Scoring Zone."
Each robot will start each match in the "Scoring Zone" matching the color of their LED lights.
All scoring blocks will start each match inside the "Block Zone."
Each match will last 2 minutes. We will use the FCS to run matches.
The last 30 seconds of each match will be the "End Game." During the "End Game," robots may "steal" cubes from other robots scoring zones, or "stay home" to protect the cubes they have scored from "thieves."
At no time may robot drivers enter the field area or touch the robots. A warning will be given on the first offense, disqualification will result for additional infractions.

The LazyBotts

FTC Robotics Team #6389